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Why “We Need to Work Longer” Is Almost Always a Bad Idea [Work]

Too Much Technology?

Currently sitting in on a webinar from SPBT (Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Training) on the use of tablets for sales training and e-Detailing, while blogging to WordPress on my BlackBerry. At what point does technology enhance and when does it become a distractor?

I’ve been developing blended print and eLearning solutions for a decade and it’s still a battle to convince the clients dumping print or PPT training into an eLearning platform is a BAD idea. Now clients are migrating to iPad and trying to figure out how to use them for the sales force.

It’s a brave new world to develop a new standard of best practices in an industry with so many regulatory compliance issues. Forging ahead to develop engaging learning, in what often requires a dump of dry data and disclaimers…

This is going to be an adventure!

Good advice! Thanks for this.


Sometimes, you can face a professional (or personal) set-back that can send you reeling and render you virtually helpless. When bad things happen to creative people – be it a betrayal of some sort, Machiavellian office politics, or the failure of a project among any number of things – creative people need to mobilize and face negativity head-on.

I am no psychologist, but I wanted to address this topic – however briefly – because as artists and innovators, we often have very deep sensitivities that we have to protect from damages. It’s crucial in order to keep a productive schedule.

So if you have experienced a blow to your psyche, here’s a few observations to help you through the trauma and move forward.

Recognize the event, and acknowledge that it has happened. Putting off this realization can only prolong the event’s hold over you, giving it more power than it…

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Waiting For Godot: Merck, The FDA And Post-Marketing Studies That Never Arrive

I work in pharmaceutical support services… and news like this makes me question if I’m working for the devil. when I was young and idealistic, I thought the pharma world was all about helping people reclaim health. but more and more… it’s thrown into question.

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